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International panel of experts

The following persons are just a small sample of the 30 or individuals who have agreed to be in the IRSC pool of world class experts that can be drawn upon intermittently as needed.

Dr Rune Elvik: 35+ years of experience in researching road safety issues and the leading international expert on effectiveness of road safety countermeasures. Visiting professor at several universities and experienced lecturer. Author of the most important and internationally known textbook / manual on effectiveness of road safety countermeasures.

Hilda M Gomez. . Former Director of Colombian National Road Safety Agency. Road safety leader in CAF, development bank of Latin America (2011 – 2018), Coordinator of the Multilateral Development Banks´ Road Safety Initiative (2015 – 2018). Led the formulation of the “Initiative for Road Safety in Latin America and the Caribbean of the Interamerican Development Bank” .

Stein Lundebye: ex World Bank staff with 40+ years of experience of implementing road and transport projects in numerous countries as an adviser to governments and as a senior engineer at the World Bank where he was one of the . leading advocates / promoters of road safety by including components on his projects. Winner of several international road safety Awards.

Charles Melhuish: ex Asian Development Bank (ADB). Over 40+ years of experience of overseeing implementation of road and transport projects across ADB region. Previously responsible for many ADB funded road safety projects implemented across Asia – Pacific region and very knowledgeable about ADB lending processes and technical assistance activities in LMICs across the Asia -Pacific region.

Hans – Joachin Vollpracht: 40+ years of experience. As a former Director of roads in Germany and former Chairman of PIARC road safety committee, he has been a strong advocate in making road safety a higher priority in PIARC member roads authorities around the world. He has particular expertise in human factors in road engineering and in road safety in linear settlements .

Dr Matti Roine: 40+ years experience on transport development, policies-systems and services-technology. He has worked on numerous national and international traffic and road safety projects. Worked in Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications and was responsible for National road safety. He has also been Principal scientist in the leading Research organisation (VTT) in Finland.

John Stuchbery: 35+ years of experience in roads and highways and related ITS and in management consultancy with particular expertise in change management within roads authorities and in performance management through effective project management focussed on delivery of agreed outcomes and impacts

Eric Remacle (TBC) 25+ years of experience. Formerly responsible for road safety within the Handicap international NGO network of offices in 65 countries . Has experience of overseeing extensive programs of road safety in communities, safety promotion, development of a crash data system combing health and police data and in advising National road safety councils.

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