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Local Supporting Partners

IRSC is supported by the key road safety related organisations in Serbia who were instrumental in delivering the hugely successful Serbian road safety programme, Serbia , a LMIC with much less resources matched the fatality reductions of richer EU countries and achieved a 57% reduction in road deaths over a 14- year period. They did this by adapting and implementing proven initiatives successfully applied in EU countries, by doing local road safety research and by strengthening the key road safety related organisations so they could do more effective road safety activities. The following organisations therefore have recent practical experience of being transformed from old soviet style bureaucracies into modern organisations able to do effective road safety activities in their sectors. They understand and can offer insights into the problems of implementing such changes in an LMIC environment.

University of Belgrade ( The Faculty of Engineering is exceptionally strong on road safety issues and has extensive experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students in all aspects of road safety. It carries out a wide-ranging road safety research program and regularly undertakes road safety advisory projects for clients. These clients include the Serbian Government, Serbia public and private sector organizations and governments/clients in neighbouring countries. It’s academics led the efforts to introduce the changes to transform Serbia into a LMIC with the best road safety in the developing world.

Academy of Criminalistic & Police Studies ( ). This is where all Serbian traffic police are trained in modern data-led traffic enforcement methods, risk mapping, enforcement strategies and tactics. The old police have been transformed into a modern traffic police force where key performance indicators are used to target policing efforts towards the highest risk road user groups and behaviours.

NAVAK Driver Training Centre ( ) This is a private world class driver training facility with a huge vehicle track and specialized equipment and instructors who can provide training for all categories of drivers and driving instructors either at NAVAK or in the client’s home country.

Serbian Road Safety Agency ( ) The Agency responsible for promoting, managing and overseeing the national road safety program and related activities. With its’ effective funding mechanism based on traffic fines , 60 plus technical staff and safety programs, it has a major influence on road safety issues in Serbia and the Action Plans being implemented in all 161 local municipalities in support of the National Road Safety Strategy.

Serbian Automobile association and CMV ( ) Apart from member services, they operate 75 vehicle inspection stations, do IRAP assessments, have certified laboratories for checking compliance with safety related UN Conventions (Tachometers, ADR etc.). They also provide safety databases and risk assessment services to Serbian municipalities.

Serbian Roads Administration–PERS ( Responsible for managing and operating the Serbian National road network. PERS implements safety audits and blackspot improvement programs and is one of the few road organizations internationally to have undergone an ISO 39001 assessment to see how it could manage road safety more effectively.

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