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What is IRSC ?

The International Road Safety Centre (IRSC) is a not-for-profit organization established by international road safety advocates, Belgrade University, and several other local and international road safety organizations specifically to meet the needs of Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) to improve road safety. The IRSC assists universities and police academies in the 100 or so developing countries with the worst road safety fatality rates Globally. This is done by introducing road safety teaching into relevant courses to develop local road safety capacity and expertise. We also encourage and assist local academics to start doing road safety research to provide the framework of knowledge and evidence to support the development of effective road safety policies and interventions in their countries.

IRSC’s primary role is to share the knowledge, expertise and practical implementation experience of the countries and individuals who have delivered successful road safety programs in recent years and, where necessary, make the required significant reforms in their institutions to enable road safety to flourish.

IRSC will appoint collaborating centres and partner universities around the world and assist them to introduce road safety into their engineering and police courses to develop a cadre of local road safety professionals amongst their new generations of technical specialists. This will stimulate interest in road safety issues to create local safety advocates/ activists and will provide a growing pool of expertise as a local resource to help such countries to address their road safety problems more effectively.

IRSC will tap into its international network of Road safety experts with extensive experience in advising governments and international agencies and implementing safety initiatives and programs in over 100 countries around the world. Their experience will be shared through teaching materials that will be prepared by Professors experienced in teaching and researching road safety in universities and Police academies. The teaching materials will be reviewed by practitioners with extensive experience in capacity building and dealing with road safety issues in LMICs. This will ensure that the materials are practical and relevant to the needs of police, engineers, and other road safety professionals in countries at earlier stages of road safety development.

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