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Who will benefit ?

Globally there are now around 1.35 million deaths and around 50 million injuries on roads around the world and sadly the vast bulk of these (over 90%) occur in the developing world. These LMICs lose up to 6% of their annual GDP as a result of road accidents so countries will gain huge economic benefits if road safety can be improved. There are also substantial social benefits as those who would otherwise have been killed and injured will avoid pain and suffering and their friends and families will avoid the loss of loved ones or the added burden of caring for those who may be permanently disabled.

There will also be significant benefits to the collaborating centers and the academics who participate as partners to IRSC in improving safety in their countries. Training local experts and carrying out road safety research projects will make them recognized as national and regional experts. This will bring increased opportunities to get funded to do more research projects and do road safety advisory work. By helping to develop the capacity of local officials and the framework of knowledge to enable more effective policies and interventions to be devised, they will help to address a problem that is inhibiting the social and economic development of their countries.

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