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Submissions to the Resource centre library?

Organisations wishing to get wider exposure in LMICs on availability of their newly issued road safety documents may contact IRSC Resource centre to let us know when they publish new, freely downloadable road safety documents which they think might be useful to the developing world.

They need to provide a brief ( max 5 lines ) description of contents of the document and a URL link that readers can use to download the documents. IRSC will review such documents and select and highlight up to 3 of those via the monthly update so that those interested may download a copy of the highlighted documents via the link provided.

We will also establish a virtual ” library ” of other free downloadable road safety documents that may have been published earlier or which were not selected for the monthly update so that our readers can browse and download from that “library” if they are interested. This will give wider exposure to road safety publications issued by international organisations and offer access to additional road safety materials for visitors to IRSC website.

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