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IRSC textbooks and teaching materials

The teaching materials made available / distributed by IRSC will comprise new IRSC textbooks and lecture materials plus guidance on road safety research written for use in universities and police academies in LMICs as well as existing road safety documents prepared by others which may be suitable for use in the developing world.

Some excellent road safety documents have been developed by others ( eg WHO, World bank, ADB, IRF, iRAP, GRSP , PIARC ) but these are scattered around on various websites and unless one is familiar with these organisations and their activities, they will not be known to potential road safety advocates / practitioners in the developing world.

Hundreds of road safety documents are listed in any search of the internet and it is difficult for those new to road safety to identify which are the most useful and relevant for their needs. IRSC will assist by operating as a centralised clearing house / resource centre and will provide access to free downloadable copies of what IRSC consider to be amongst the best and most useful road safety documents from around the world which are of most relevance/ use to the developing world. This will help our collaborating partners and local academics to download and build a basic library of some of the more important documents on road safety.

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