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Road safety Management

Road safety is a multi-sectoral issue, which requires a multi-dimensional management system and adequate technical and financial resources that allow the responsible agencies to develop and implement appropriate strategies, policies and plans to coordinate the various actors involved in road safety at all levels. It also requires the establishment of appropriate safety support systems. These include effective road safety legislation, effective management and coordination structure ,good crash data system and data analyses that permit the problem to be fully understood and appropriate action to be taken to reduce the numbers of casualties and their severity.

Sufficient funds are needed to cover the costs of implementing a comprehensive road safety strategy and related action plans and seperately, for coordination activities. The funds for coordination can be smaller but need to be enough to allow effective horizontal and vertical coordination and integration of activities, cross sector workshops and safety promotion activities at National level. They should also be enough to cover a few demonstration and pilot projects to stimulate road safety activities at each administrative level. Apart from government budgets, additional funding for road safety can be organised from various other sources such as contributions from a road fund or levies on motor insurance policies, driver licences , vehicle inspections etc.

Municipal Mayors and Provincial Governors need to be encouraged (or even required by law ) to lead road safety efforts by chairing local road safety committees and mobilizing the resources available to them to reduce the deaths and injuries in their jurisdictions and communities.

Road safety research will also need to be initiated within academic and scientific institutions. The textbooks , lectures and training provided in this sector will equip local road safety professionals to establish more effective road safety management and coordination.

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