Safer Road Users

All road users share responsibility to use the road system safely and responsibly with consideration for other road users. To change the behaviour of the various road users and to protect vulnerable road users, awareness must be increased and attitudes changed of the citizens who use the road. Road users need to be made aware of the main risk factors that increase the probability of road crashes and the risk of them or others sustaining fatal or serious injuries so that they can modify their behaviour to minimise such risks. It is necessary to target the main “risk” factors, identified from research and analyses of the available data in a country.

Education and awareness campaigns aimed at improving road user behaviour are best done in conjunction with engineering and enforcement interventions to maximize synergy. Speeds need to be reduced in urban areas and linear settlements, ill-disciplined drivers and high risk behaviours need to be deterred through effective and extensive data led traffic police enforcement. Child safety can be improved by having appropriate traffic education in families and in schools. This should be focused on “survival” skills on the road appropriate to the needs of each target age group . Wherever possible, this should be accompanied by projects of “safe routes to school” involving local communities.

Textbooks and /or training materials that will be prepared in this sector will address both enforcement and education aspects that can ensure safer road users.

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